Improving the privacy and fungibility of Bitcoin


JoinMarket is an open source project which does not have a funding model, fortunately the project itself has very low running costs as it is almost-fully decentralized and available to everyone for free. Developers contribute only as volunteers and donations are divided amongst them. Many developers have also been important in advocating for privacy and educating the wider bitcoin user base. Be part of the effort to improve bitcoin privacy and fungibility. Every donated coin helps us spend more time on JoinMarket instead of doing other stuff.
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Electrum Personal Server

CoinSwap Design

CoinSwap transactions could be made to look just like any other regular bitcoin transaction, with no distinguishing fingerprint. This would make them invisible. I intend to create this CoinSwap software. It will be almost completely decentralized and available for all to use for free. The design is published here for review. If you want to help support development I accept donations on this page.


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Fingerprint: 0A8B 038F 5E10 CC27 89BF CFFF EF73 4EA6 77F3 1129
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Bug bounty

If you find a way a hack or exploit this site (for example, obtaining bitcoin addresses that were already given to other people) because of some bug that I can conceivably do something about, then I will pay you $40 per bug for responsible disclosure.