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Milady Meme Coin Price Chart | Live LADYS Price, News & Charts

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What is Milady Meme Coin (LADYS)?

Milady Meme Coin (LADYS) is a meme cryptocurrency that has emerged in the current era of meme coins. It aims to tokenize meme capital and leverage the popularity of meme culture in the crypto space.

LADYS is built on the Ethereum blockchain and utilizes the Arbitrum network for its smart contract functionality. The project was created by the Milady Meme Coin Community, a group of enthusiasts and supporters of the meme coin concept.

Overview of Milady Meme Coin

Milady Meme Coin distinguishes itself from other meme coins through its association with the Milady NFT collection. The project aims to support and revive the reputation of Milady NFTs by fostering community engagement and leveraging market trends.

LADYS serves as a symbol of participation in the Milady NFT community and combines elements of digital art and meme culture. However, it’s important to note that the token itself does not have any inherent utility beyond trading and community involvement.

Milady Meme Coin’s Association with Milady NFTs

The Milady NFT collection, created by the Remilia Collective, has gained significant attention in the NFT space. Milady Meme Coin aims to capitalize on this popularity and provide a means for the community to further engage with and support the Milady NFTs.

By aligning itself with the Milady NFT brand, LADYS seeks to attract investors and enthusiasts who are interested in the intersection of memes, digital art, and cryptocurrency.

Milady Meme Coin (LADYS) Price, Market Cap, and Volume

As of the latest data, Milady Meme Coin (LADYS) is trading at a price of $0.0000001518 USD. The project has a market capitalization of $111.47 million USD and a 24-hour trading volume of $8.06 million USD.

Current LADYS Price and 24-Hour Change

The current price of LADYS is $0.0000001518 USD, reflecting a 24-hour change of +1.31%. This indicates a slight upward trend in the token’s value over the past day.

LADYS Price (USD) 24H Change
$0.0000001518 +1.31%

Milady Meme Coin Market Capitalization and 24-Hour Trading Volume

Milady Meme Coin currently has a market capitalization of $111.47 million USD, placing it at rank #398 among cryptocurrencies listed on CoinMarketCap. The 24-hour trading volume for LADYS stands at $8.06 million USD, indicating a moderate level of trading activity.

Market Cap (USD) 24H Volume (USD) CoinMarketCap Rank
$111.47 million $8.06 million #398

Milady Meme Coin (LADYS) Tokenomics

Understanding the tokenomics of Milady Meme Coin is crucial for investors and traders. Let’s explore the token’s circulating supply, maximum supply, and distribution.

LADYS Circulating Supply and Maximum Supply

LADYS has a circulating supply of 734,366,023,232,083 tokens out of a maximum supply of 888,000,888,000,888 tokens. This means that approximately 82.7% of the total token supply is currently in circulation.

Circulating Supply Maximum Supply
734,366,023,232,083 LADYS 888,000,888,000,888 LADYS

Milady Meme Coin Distribution and Allocation

The exact distribution and allocation of LADYS tokens are not publicly disclosed. However, it is assumed that a significant portion of the tokens is held by the Milady Meme Coin community and early supporters of the project.

As the project progresses, more information regarding token distribution and allocation may become available.

Where to Buy and Trade Milady Meme Coin (LADYS)?

Milady Meme Coin (LADYS) can be purchased and traded on several cryptocurrency exchanges. Here are some of the top platforms where LADYS is available:

Top Exchanges for Trading LADYS

  • BYDFi
  • Bybit
  • LBank
  • Bitget
  • TruBit Pro Exchange

These exchanges offer trading pairs for LADYS against other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and stablecoins like USDT or USDC.

Buying LADYS on App

In addition to the exchanges mentioned above, Milady Meme Coin can also be purchased through the app. is a popular platform that allows users to buy, sell, and store various cryptocurrencies, including LADYS.

To buy LADYS on, users need to create an account, complete the necessary verification process, and fund their account with supported cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

Milady Meme Coin (LADYS) Price Prediction and Analysis

Predicting the future price of Milady Meme Coin is a speculative endeavor, as the cryptocurrency market is known for its volatility and unpredictability. However, we can analyze the token’s price history and consider factors that may influence its value.

LADYS Price History and Trends

Since its launch, Milady Meme Coin has experienced significant price fluctuations. Here’s an overview of LADYS price changes over different time periods:

  • 24-Hour Change: +1.31%
  • 7-Day Change: N/A
  • 30-Day Change: N/A
  • 90-Day Change: N/A

It’s important to note that historical price performance does not guarantee future results, and investors should conduct their own research and exercise caution when making investment decisions.

Factors Influencing Milady Meme Coin Price

Several factors can influence the price of Milady Meme Coin, including:

  • Meme coin market trends: The overall sentiment and popularity of meme coins can impact the value of LADYS.
  • Milady NFT popularity: The success and popularity of the associated Milady NFT collection can have a direct effect on the demand for LADYS tokens.
  • Community engagement and adoption: The growth and activity of the Milady Meme Coin community can contribute to the token’s value appreciation.
  • Market speculation and hype: As with any cryptocurrency, market speculation and hype can drive short-term price movements.

Investors should keep an eye on these factors and consider the overall market conditions when evaluating the potential future price of Milady Meme Coin.

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